hyperspectral spectral camera


Specim’s thermal sensor OWL covers the contiguous spectral range from 7.6 to 12.3 μm in 96 channels and has the sensitivity to detect and classify even gases. The Specim OWL is a fast pushbroom hyperspectral system with a high-performance LWIR hyperspectral imager in the smallest achievable size. The cooling, so important to any proper LWIR sensor, is achieved through a stirling cycle cooler, greatly reducing complexity and achieving a sensor weight of only 13.1 kg. Thanks to its design and sensitivity, Specim OWL captures all its spectral bands for the whole 384 swath-width of pixels simultaneously, and sustain the 100 frames per second storage speed of the whole datacube continuously. As a result, high sensor or target dynamics are possible without degradation of image quality.

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