Water Level

The Rugged BaroTROLL Data Logger measures and logs barometric pressure and temperature to compensate for water level changes due to barometric fluctuations. 

The Rugged TROLL 100 is In-Situ’s most economical option for measuring and logging water level, water pressure, and temperature. 

The BaroTROLL Data Logger measures and logs barometric pressure.

The Level TROLL 400 measures and logs water level, water pressure, and temperature in a maintenance-free system. 

The Level TROLL 500 is In-Situ’s most popular water level data logger. A cost-effective option suited to a wide variety of projects, the Level TROLL 500 logs continuous measurements of water level, water pressure, and temperature. 

The Level TROLL 700 is In-Situ’s premier water level data logger, giving groundwater professionals higher data resolution, expanded memory and advanced logging modes for specialized applications. 

The Level TROLL 700H, available in a vented (35ft (11m)) configuration, exceeds USGS surface water stage-accuracy specifications. 

Rugged TROLL 200 and Tube

The Aqua TROLL 200 Data Logger measures and records water level, pressure, conductivity, and temperature. 


Level Tape

This economical tape offers durability and more functions for an unremarkable performance.

Premium Rugged Water Level Tape 200 and Rugged Mini Water Level Tape 200 provide long and reliable service life. 

This economical water level tape, with a Kevlar-reinforced polyethylene tape and stainless steel conductors, offers long-lasting performance for well drillers, pump installers, and other service users. 

This premium, engineer-grade tape is ASME-certified and offers maximum longevity in the field. 

  • Accurately measure conductivity, water level, and temperature in wells, boreholes, and open bodies of water. 


Water Flow

Digital Water Velocity Meter


  • Digital display in ft/sec or m/sec
  • Records 30 data sets for later analysis
  • Rain-proof digital computer
  • Highly accurate easy flow monitoring
  • Debris shedding turbo-prop
  • Lightweight, rugged, and reliable
  • Telescoping handle with staff gauge
  • Padded carrying case for easy storage
  • CE Certified
  • Records Water Flow and Temperature in Partially Filled Stormwater or Sewer Pipes, Flumes, or Weirs


    • Compact, self-powered and easy to use
    • No confined space entry required for sensor deployment
    • User friendly Windows and PDA software included
    • USB and Serial communication options available
    • PDA software simplifies field data collection

Make open channel flow measurement and meter total flows


  • Easy-to-use interface with user selectable flow tables
  • Accepts any 4-20mA water level sensor’s input

Over 20 years experience in survey & scientific instrumentation.