CEESCOPE™ is a state-of-the-art portable hydrographic surveying system with advanced capabilities in a truly compact package. 

CEE ECHO™ is a state-of-the-art portable echo sounder with advanced capabilities in a truly compact package.

CEE-LINE™ brings hydrographic-grade performance to bathymetry projects using land survey data acquisition. 

CEEPULSE™ is an entry-level echo sounder with a difference. 


Hydrographic Software

HYPACK® provides all of the tools necessary to complete your hydrographic, side scan and magnetometer survey requirements. With over 4,000 users around the world, HYPACK® provides you with the tools necessary to meet almost any hydrographic survey requirement. 

HYSWEEP® is an optional module that provides for the calibration, data collection and data processing of multibeam sonar data inside the HYPACK® package. HYSWEEP® has been integrated to almost all multibeam systems, including those from Odom, Reson, Konigsberg/Simrad, Elac/Seabeam, and GeoAcoustics.

DREDGEPACK® is designed to save you money. It keeps your crew working in the dredge cut and prevents them from wasting time and money by digging too deep or outside the channel.

A Software Package Designed for the Acquisition

Software package for marine search 

Software for Visualization

Portable LiDAR Solution for Topographic


Sidescan and Sub-bottom Sonar Mapping Software

SonarWiz is the industry all-in-one solution for geophysical, hydrographic, pipeline, and archaeological surveys, as well as for security and SAR. It features easy to use survey management tools, reliable data acquisition, powerful post-processing and flexible reporting options.

Over 20 years experience survey & scientific instrumentation.