Positioning & Heading


Marine Positioning

The new R632 GNSS receiver is a full- solution product  in an incredibly compact and powerful package. 

The S631 GNSS receiver is powered by Athena RTK  technology. 


Marine Positioning & Heading

The Vector VS1000 is Hemisphere GNSS’. 

The Vector V500 is Hemisphere GNSS’. all-in-one multi- frequency, multi-GNSS smart antenna which provides RTK-level position and precise heading. 

The Vector V123/133 is Hemisphere GNSS’ all-in-one single-frequency, multi-GNSS smart antenna which provides Atlas decimeter-level position and precise heading. 

Experience superior navigation from the accurate  heading and positioning performance available with  the Vector™ V200 GNSS compass. The multi-GNSS  Vector V200 supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo,  and QZSS and offers an amazing world-wide 30 cm  (RMS) accuracy via Hemisphere’s Atlas GNSS global  correction service.


Satellite Tracking

The iBCN is the next-generation of MetOcean Telematics’ NOVATECH™ satellite beacons, designed for tracking and locating your assets up to full ocean depth (12,000m). 

The NOVATECH™ IR-7300 Iridium® beacon is a ruggedized incident-alerting system, designed to monitor and protect valuable oceanographic assets. Using the Iridium® satellite telemetry system allows users to receive real-time GPS positioning, and have bi-directional communication with the beacon, at a cost-effective price.

The NOVATECH™ AS-900A Argos Beacon contains an ARGOS system transmitter. 

The 12,000m depth rated iBCN Infinity is the next-generation of MetOcean Telematics’. 

The Iridium Combo Beacon (iCB-7500) is a self-contained submersible Iridium/GPS Satellite beacon designed to assist in the location and recovery of underwater oceanographic equipment.

The NOVATECH™ MMA-7500 is a deep rated, small form-factor, self-contained Argos locator beacon.

The NOVATECH™ iSurface is a lightweight, self-contained, user serviceable, bi-directional GPS satellite beacon that utilizes the features and functionality of the Iridium® satellite network.


Survey GNSS

Stonex S990A is a 800 Channels GNSS receiver characterized by a new feature that enhance the performances of field surveys. 

The color touch display and the possibility of connecting an external antenna makes S980A an extremely effective receiver for every type of job. 

Stonex S900A is equipped with an high performance GNSS board 800 channels. 

The advanced receiver design gives S850A excellent signal tracking ability and interference resistant capacity. 

Stonex S700A is a compact, high-performance GNSS receiver. 

S580 is a compact and light GNSS receiver but at the same time performing and with centimeter accuracy. .


Total Stations

Stonex R20 combines functionality and reliability. Optimal measure performances up to 5000 m with prism, 600 m reflectorless and 2” as angular accuracy.


Stonex R80 is a Motorized Total Station for classic jobs for survey and stakeout and perfect for high precision surveying areas, such as rail traffic monitoring, control of structures, bridges, dams and landslide areas.


Stonex R35/R35LR series is the most customizable Total Station of the market. Depending on the User needs, R35/R35LR comes with endless friction drives for continuous horizontal and vertical rotations, 2” accuracy and 600/1000 m reflectorless range.

High accuracy and long reflectorless range are the perfect combination that makes Stonex R25T the best friend of every professional surveyor.

High accuracy and long reflectorless range are the perfect combination that makes Stonex R25/R25LR the best friend of every professional surveyor.

Stonex R1 Plus Total Station, precise distance and angles measurements, concentrated in 5 Kg of pure technology.

Stonex R15 Total Station, precise distance and angles measurements, concentrated in 5 Kg of pure technology.


3D Laser Scanners

STONEX X300 is a 3D Scanner designed to deliver effective results every day, on any project.


STONEX F6 is the market leader 3D handheld scanner for fast scanning of big objects and large areas from short to far ranges.

The F6 Short Range (SR) is designed especially for accurate and fast scanning of highly detailed small objects, positioned in close proximity. Based on a patented algorithm of innovative encoding, F6 SR provides excellent quality of data, making it the ultimate choice for rapid scanning.

Over 20 years experience in survey & scientific instrumentation.