Airborne Hyperspectral

AisaFENIX delivers the highest quality hyperspectral data available in VNIR, NIR, and SWIR wavelengths (380 nm – 2 500 nm) in a single continuous image. 

SPECIM’s AisaFENIX 1K, the full spectrum hyperspectral camera is an ideal solution for remote sensing of the environment and other aerial survey applications. 

The new SPECIM AisaIBIS is a Unique Hyperspectral Imager for Measuring Sun-induced Fluorescence known as “the secret light of plants”. 

The LWIR revolution is here; a thermal camera with the capability to recognize the chemical composition of even freezing cold materials in pitch darkness. 

Specim AFX10 is a VNIR hyperspectral imaging solution with an HSI camera.

Specim AFX17 is a NIR hyperspectral imaging solution with an HSI camera.

Specim’s AisaKESTREL, the first professional-quality hyperspectral solutions, intended for UAVs and other platforms of limited payload size. 

Specim’s AisaKESTREL, the first professional-quality hyperspectral sensor range, intended for UAVs and other platforms of limited payload size. 


Airborne LiDAR

Optech CZMIL Nova is not only the most capable airborne bathymetric mapping system available today; it is also the most efficient. 

Galaxy is the next generation of airborne solutions, packing more power and accuracy into a tiny footprint than any other sensor. 

The Teledyne Optech CM-11K is purpose-built for high resolution imaging from airborne platforms and delivers the unique benefits of combining our patented piezoelectric Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) with a fully-electronic shutter for low maintenance operation.


LiDAR Software

Quick Terrain Modeler is the world’s premier 3D point cloud and terrain visualization software package. 


Hyperspectral Spectral Camera

  • Spectral range: 400-1000 nm

The Spectral Camera PFD consists of an ImSpector V10E for the wavelength range 400-1000 nm, and a high-speed CMOS detector. 

With its extremely low noise, high resolution, high image rate, and rugged structure Spectral Camera sCMOS is an excellent tool for various scientific and commercial applications. 

Specim FX10 camera series is designed for industrial and laboratory use.

Specim FX17 can quite literally see the invisible, and reveal more than any other inspection method. 

Specim FX50 works in a line-scan mode and collects hyperspectral data in the Medium Wavelength Infrared (MWIR) region (2.7-5.3 μm).

Specim’s high-speed hyperspectral camera in the SWIR range (1000 – 2500 nm) has 384 spatial pixels and achieves image rates up to 400 frames per second using CameraLink connection.

FENIX is optimized for the most demanding geological, law enforcement, and environmental applications. 


Even on a pitch dark night – in ambient temperatures even sub-freezing or tropical conditions; Specim’s OWL is able to perform chemical imaging! 

Specim IQ opens up plenty of new possibilites for hyperspectral imaging, both in the existing as well as in totally new application fields! 


Hyperspectral Imaging Workstation

SisuCHEMA Breeze is a turnkey hyperspectral Chemical Imaging Analyzer 

The Single Core Scanner is the answer for the users who essentially need hyperspectral core imaging but produce only limited amount of cores per year. 

SisuROCK is the next generation step in the drill core logging. 

Over 20 years experience of survey & scientific instrumentation.