Biosonics DT-X Automated Monitoring Systems​

DT-X AMS can be customized to monitor and automatically report on passage, migration and entrainment of fish, marine mammals and debris at cooling water intakes, dams, marine hydrokinetic projects, spillways, screens, fish bypass and other structures.

  • Includes automated data collection, processing and reporting software
  • Automatically generates real-time, hourly or daily, target detection reports and user selectable alerts
  • Determine size, location, speed and direction of travel of every target detected
  • Continuous and automated data collection and storage
  • Patented “networked sonar” acoustic curtain technology provides full water column coverage
  • Optional integration with underwater imaging systems to automatically classify targets
  • Automatically trigger biological deterrent systems or other systems
  • Heavy-duty solid urethane or stainless steel transducers, underwater cabling and mounting hardware

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