Suspended Sediment

Sequoia Scientific LISST-Horizon

Plumbed to continuous underway uncontaminated seawater, it continuously measures particle size distribution, concentration, and inherent optical properties.

A first prototype has been delivered to NASA. Sequoia is taking orders for the LISST-Horizon.

  • Automated deployment in flow-through seawater systems, including clean water backgrounds, cleaning, and scattering standard measurement
  • Mixers in the sample chamber to keep particles suspended during measurement
  • Automated filtered sample background using attached external particle filter (0.2 μm)
  • Measures near-forward (0.1-15°, 36 log-spaced detectors) and side scattering (35-150°, 24 detectors) from a 520 nm laser source
  • Beam attenuation and particle sizing from proven LISST-200X optics, with extended pathlength for application to offshore waters
  • Side scattering allows for particle sizing over an extended range, ~0.2 to 500 μm
  • Raw data stored internally and offloaded via ethernet for processing with provided MATLAB software

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