Suspended Sediment

Sequoia Scientific LISST-HAB

The system will continuously measure particle size distribution and concentration, along with the fluorescence of Phycocyanin (Freshwater HAB’s), Phycoerythrin (Marine HAB’s), Chlorophyll and beam attenuation.

  • Complete package based on Small Angle Forward Scattering Laser Diffraction Technology
  • Measures Particle Size and Concentration in 36 Size Classes
  • Integrated with Turner Designs Cyclops-7F fluorometers engineered to detect Phycocyanin (freshwater HAB’s), Phycoerythrin (marine HAB’s), and Chlorophyll
  • Internal programmable datalogger
  • Small and Extended Battery Packs available for self-contained operation
  • USB connection to PC for programming, offloading and real-time size distribution displays
  • Programmable, autonomous data collection
  • Integrated Depth and Fast Response Temperature Sensors
  • Towable or integrated on profiling package or vehicle

Fluorometer Performance
The Turner Designs submersible instrumentation modules used in the LISST-HAB includes single-channel fluorometers for detection of chlorophyll, freshwater and marine HAB’s. Together with particle information from the LISST, this package solution provides a comprehensive picture of a HAB and its development.

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