Water Quality

Aqua TROLL 100 Data Logger

The Aqua TROLL 100 DataLogger measures and records conductivity and temperature. A unique conductivity cell design allows for a wide, accurate measurement range in a narrow diameter instrument. Titanium construction resists corrosion, ideal for coastal, remediation and mine water monitoring projects. Deploy the Aqua TROLL 100 in depths up to 500 psi (1153 ft; 351.43m). Get easy data access via tele me try system sand HydroVu Data Services, or direct-read Rugged Cable (sold separately).

Aqua TROLL 200 Data Logger

The Aqua TROLL 200 Data Logger measures and records water level, pressure, conductivity, and temperature. A unique conductivity cell design allows for a wide, accurate measurement range in a narrow diameter instrument. Titanium construction resists corrosion, ideal for coastal, remediation and mine water monitoring projects.Available in pressure ranges up to 1153 ft (351 m) for vented configuration sand 1120 ft (341 m) for non-vented configurations. Get easy data access via telemetry system sand HydroVu Data Services, or direct-read RuggedCable (sold separately).

Aqua TROLL 400 Multiparameter Probe

The Aqua TROLL 400 simplifies decision making with a fixed set of sensors that measure:

Actual and specific conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids, resistivity and density
Dissolved oxygen (optical RDO®)
Water level and water pressure (absolute)
Rugged and compact, the Aqua TROLL 400 can be deployed for months of unattended operation in harsh field conditions. And because it’s easy to install and maintain, you save on training and reduced trips to the field.

Open communication protocols easily interface with your existing telemetry system. Access data anytime with a radio, controller, data logger, sampler, telemetry system, SCADA/PLC system, or HydroVu Data Services.

Aqua TROLL 500 Multiparameter Sonde

Whether you’re spot checking a tank or conducting long-term monitoring at remote sites, the Aqua TROLL 500 has you covered. This cost-effective multiprobe enables wireless data collection when used as a handheld, plus easy integration with control systems and telemetry for long-term installation.

With interchangeable sensors, the Aqua TROLL 500 replaces multiple instruments and saves time in the field to reduce overall monitoring costs. Highly stable sensors need minimal maintenance and calibration, giving you confidence in your data. Just plug the sonde into a Wireless TROLL Com, datalogger, control system or telemetry and you’re ready to go!

The Aqua TROLL 500 fits a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Surface water spot sampling and profiling
  • Remote monitoring via telemetry
  • Long-term drinking water, wastewater or stormwater monitoring
  • Aquaculture
  • Low-flow groundwater sampling and remediation

Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde

The Aqua TROLL 600 is a customizable, powerful multipara meter sonde. It combines industry-leading water quality sensors with revolutionary smart phone mobility, allowing you the ability to collect and analyze data using the VuSituMobile App on your Android™ device. Rugged in groundwater and corrosion-resistant in surface water, the Aqua TROLL 600 delivers accurate data in aneasy-to-use, customizable instrument. Features include a quick-read LCD status screen for visual indicators of overall readiness, battery life, internal log, and sensor status, as well as integrated Bluetooth® connection for wireless data access, and an onboard micro SD card for data backup and download.

RDO Blue

RDO Blue uses In-Situ’s patented Optical Rugged Dissolved Oxygen technology, an EPA-approved dissolved oxygen measurement method ideal for measuring DO and temperature in even the harshest environments. Suitable for handheld use or long-term deployment in fresh water or saltwater, this low-maintenance dissolved oxygen probe offers robust performance at a lower cost than other DO meters.

RDO Blue requires no calibration or conditioning prior to deployment and doesn’t use membranes. The replaceable RDO Smart Sensor Cap stores calibration coefficients for automatic, error-free setup. And a unique, three-layer system provides unmatched chemical and abrasion resistance.

Use included Modbus/RS485 communication protocol to easily integrate with PLC systems or telemetry with HydroVu data services for real-time feedback and process control.


The RDO PRO-X Dissolved Oxygen Probe uses optical technology (EPA-approved RDO technology for Clean Water Act programs) to measure dissolved oxygen and temperature in demanding process environments. This durable probe requires no calibration or conditioning prior to deployment and does not use membranes. The replaceable RDO Smart Sensor Cap stores calibration coefficients for automatic, error-free setup.

Use flexible communication protocols (4-20 mA, Modbus/RS485, or SDI-12) and easily integrate with PLC systems, telemetry systems and/or HydroVu Data services for real-time feedback within your system.

With the RDO PRO-X, NPDES permit holders can monitor influent, effluent and treatment processes and respond quickly to oxygen and temperature changes for more accurate and efficient process control.

Note: In-Situ partners with leading companies on innovative solutions for DO monitoring in a wide range of applications such as laboratory applications, semi-conductor process monitoring, aquatic transport, and more. If you are looking for cutting-edge optical DO technology, learn more about In-Situ’s OEM turn-key and customized solutions.


Suspended Sediment

Sequoia Scientific LISST-200X

The LISST-200X is a submersible laser-diffraction based particle size analyzer designed to measure particle size and concentration in rivers, streams, ports, harbors, coasts and oceans, whether for biological, sediment transport, or environmental monitoring needs.

Applications include sediment transport studies, harmful algae blooms, oil spill dispersion effectiveness, dredge plume monitoring, etc.  For marine optics applications the LISST-200X provides the small-angle Volume Scattering Function.

Sequoia Scientific LISST-ABS

  • This is a low-cost sensor designed specifically for measuring Suspended Sediment Concentration at a point. It represents an advance over turbidity sensors. It is suitable for use in environmental applications, as well as in industry, such as hydropower.
  • The 8MHz acoustic sensor ‘sees’ all size grains, and unlike turbidity, it sees coarse grains very well.
  • The LISST-ABS calibration is far less sensitive to grain size changes than turbidity sensors, changing only ~ ± 30% over 30-400 microns.
  • Operates over a >4-decade working range in concentration.
  • Tolerates fouling.

Sequoia Scientific LISST-Portable XR

The LISST-Portable|XR is the world’s first and only battery powered portable particle size analyzer. It can be used in the field, in the laboratory or on the factory floor.

The LISST-Portable|XR analyzes the sample in a wet state to obtain the particle size distribution and the particle volume concentration. The LISST-Portable|XR uses the same laser light scattering method (laser diffraction) as popular laboratory particle size analyzers.

It has all the features and performance of a laboratory instrument but in a self-contained, portable enclosure that allows you to make measurements where it’s needed, when it’s needed.



CTG UniLux Fluorometer

UniLux is a low cost, miniaturised sensor capable of monitoring Chlorophyll, Rhodamine, Fluoroscein, Phycoerythrin Cyanobacteria, Phycocyanin Cyanobacteria & Turbidity. The following configurations are available:

  • UniLux Chlorophyll a
  • UniLux Phycocyanin
  • UniLux Phycoerythrin
  • UniLux Turbidity

CTG TriLux Fluorometer

  • TriLux is a low cost, miniaturised, algae sensor capable of monitoring three different parameters in a single probe. The following configurations are available:

    TriLux Chlorophyll a, Phycocyanin and Turbidity for a freshwater deployment.

    TriLux Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin and Turbidity for a marine deployment.

    TriLux Chlorophyll a, Phycoerythrin and Phycocyanin for a coastal deployment.

CTG UviLux Fluorometer

UviLux sensor provides highly sensitive data on a wide variety of UV fluorescence parameters including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), CDOM, Tryptophan-like fluorescence (TLF), BOD and Optical Brightening Agents (OBA). The robust submersible housing and electronics provides the platform from which these different parameters can be measured via factoryset configuration of the fluorometer optics.


Towed Undulating Vehicles

CTG NuShuttle

NuShuttle is a proven, low cost and robust towed undulating vehicle in use on ships of opportunity and research vessels. NuShuttle can be towed at speeds of 5 to 15 knots to operational depths of >150m.

CTG SeaSoar II

  • SeaSoar II is the world’s leading open ocean towed data acquisition vehicle.  It is a robust, high performance towed undulating vehicle designed to be deployed from dedicated research vessels. It has a large payload capacity and is capable of being towed at speeds from 9 to 12 knots, and undulation regimes from the surface to 500m on faired cable.


Acoustic Transducers

CTG DualSense

A series of spherical, horizontally omni-directional, reciprocal underwater acoustic transducers for applications as both hydrophones and projectors. Reliable and durable.

CTG SonoFlex

A series of flexural disk transducers providing high transmit sensitivities over a very low frequency range. These transducers are small, compact, and provide a low-cost low frequency option.

CTG BroadBand

A series of broadband projectors with integral tuning elements, providing wide flat transmitting responses over large bandwidths.


Water Samplers

Wildco Non-Metallic Kemmerer, General Purpose

These samplers are designed for general sampling only and are not suitable for trace metal or organic analysis due to the potential for contamination (i.e. mercury and phosphorus) by the materials in the sampler’s construction.

Wildco Non-Metallic Kemmerer, Trace Metals

Designed for trace metal sampling due to silicone seals. Also may be used for organic sampling to concentrations of mg/L.

Wildco Stainless Steel Kemmerer, Extreme Conditions

This is the cost-effective choice for the tough industrial uses. Constructed of 304 and 316 SS and Fluoropolymer (PTFE) except for screws and springs which are 18-8. Often used for sampling industrial solvents, strong acids and strong bases at temperatures up to 450° F. Also good for sampling trace organics. Our Fluoropolymer (PTFE)end seals are non-organic and temperature resistant, making them an ideal and cost-effective choice for chemical testing. 1.2L volume. 

• For industrial solvents, acids and bases
• Use up to 450° F


Bottom Sampling Equipment

Wildco Box Corer

This patented device is designed to take larger samples in harder bottoms more easily and safely than spring-powered grabs. It is especially effective in finely divided muck, clays, mud, ooze, submerged marl, or fine peaty materials. Like a big bruiser, the sole driving force is the box corer’s weight, which can total 49 kg (108 lbs). The body itself weighs about 14 kg (31 lbs) and is augmented by up to 12 extra weights, each weighing 4 kg (9 lbs), securely fastened in two side bins. The heavy duty linkage and scoops dig as deep as the weight will allow. The inside of the box is smooth and free of projections, allowing an acrylic liner to easily slip in and out. Ship wt: 70 lbs

Wildco Large Ekman Grab

This is the grab to choose for soft, finely divided littoral bottoms that are free from vegetation, such as sticks and decayed leaves (or with short, erect vegetation only) as well as intermixtures of sand, stones and other coarse debris. The specialized function of this dredge is the taking of quantitative and qualitative samples of macroscopic bottom fauna to determine the productivity of soft bottoms, particularly those composed of finely divided muck, mud, ooze, submerged marl and fine peaty materials. Versatile and durable, it is suited for preliminary as well as more precise observation. It is not recommended for rocky or sandy bottoms or moderate macrophyte growth because small pebbles or macrophyte stems prevent proper jaw closure.

Wildco Peterson Grab

Since 1930 the Petersen grab has been used in fresh water for collecting macroscopic fauna in sand, gravel, marl, clay or clay combinations. If used in salt water, it must be painted for protection. Since it has been widely used over 6 decades, it is ideal for comparing samples with data collected previously by a Petersen grab. Vent holes permit water to flow through while the grab is being lowered, minimizing diagonal movement as well as reducing the frontal shock wave generated by descent. Jaws close clamshell fashion. We include a safety-pin to prevent the scoops from closing to help prevent injury. The bayonet-style trip mechanism is designed to release only when the sampler is on the bottom and the cable is slack. A deliberately heavy device for biting deep into hard bottoms. Operation requires winch and crane due to the working weight. Ship wt: 135 lbs.


Plankton Nets

Wildco Birge Closing Nets

Ideal for vertical plankton tows when you need to sample a specific stratum in an integrated water column.

After you’ve reached your desired depth and taken your sample, close the net by sending a messenger down the line, ensuring no further water gets through. Raise vertically at an even speed of 0.5 m/s. The truncated design improves filtration efficiency and consists of four parts: a tapered upper cylinder, the closing portion; a conical filtering net; an attached dolphin adapter; and a stainless-steel Wisconsin dolphin bucket whose 10 oz. weight insures the net’s rapid descent. The closing portion consists of top nickel-plated brass spring attached to a bridle, towing eye and release tab. A separate lowering and retrieval line is attached to the middle ring between the two cones.

Wildco Tow Nets

Ideal for horizontal or vertical tows in fresh or salt water. The larger size is good for salt water and large, clear lakes. Attach a 1/8” line to the top and tow slowly, regulating depth by speed. For horizontal sampling, attach our line weight part number 426-E50.Nitex® net with nylon sleeve on stainless steel ring. 3 lines attach ring to heavy nickel plated brass swivel. 125 ml polyethylene bottle and connector with hose. Small tow net is 200 x 750mm (8” x 30”)-2 lbs Large tow net is 300 x 1050mm (12 x 42)- 4lbs.

Wildco Wisconsin Sampler

A popular and versatile net. The anterior reducing cone makes filtration more efficient than a standard conical net. Consists of an anterior reducing cone; a posterior conical filtering net; and Dolphin™ adapter with Wisconsin bucket. A stainless steel net ring holds it open where the reducing cone and filter net meet. Bridle and bucket are stainless steel.

Over XX years experience of industrial systems.