Biosonics DT-X SUB Autonomous Submersible Scientific Echosounder

DT-X scientific echosounder technology is packaged in a pressure rated housing that is adaptable for deployment via AUV, ROV, or seafloor observatory platform.

  • Long-term, self-contained, autonomous deployments
  • Seabed mount, mid-water mooring, surface buoy
  • Modular OEM integration with AUV, ASV, ROV platforms
  • Biological ocean observation
  • Fish size, distribution and abundance
  • Marine mammal detection
  • Plankton distribution and vertical migration
  • School detection and single target detection

Mobile Survey Applications

  • Scientific Fisheries Echosounder
  • Fish Stock Assessment
  • Population Estimates
  • Size Distribution
  • Total Biomass Estimates
  • Vertical and Horizontal Distribution
  • Behavioral Studies
  • Plankton Biomass / Vertical Migration
  • Predator / Prey Relationships
  • Fish Schools, Individual Fish (all size classes), Plankton, Marine Mammals
  • Physical Oceanographic Measurements; Boundary, Mixing and Coherent Structure Detection
  • Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), ships of opportunity, unattended fish stock assessment mobile surveys and reporting


Fixed Location Monitoring Application

  • Remote sites on rivers, dams, locks, cooling water intakes, for unattended monitoring and reporting.
  • Monitor fish passage and entrainment, upstream and downstream migration
  • Fish counting and sizing
  • 316(b) entrainment and impingement assessment
  • Monitor debris and vegetation entrainment
  • Moored surface buoy deployments for unattended water column monitoring and reporting

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